Replacement Sheet in Patent Drawings

Updated: Feb 4

Any changes to an application drawing must be in compliance with § 1.84, or, for a nonprovisional international design application, in compliance with §§ 1.84(c) and 1.1026, and must be submitted on a replacement sheet of drawings which shall be an attachment to the amendment document and, in the top margin, labeled “Replacement Sheet”. Any replacement sheet of drawings shall include all of the figures appearing on the immediate prior version of the sheet, even if only one figure is amended. Any new sheet of drawings containing an additional figure must be labeled in the top margin as “New Sheet.” All changes to the drawings shall be explained, in detail, in either the drawing amendment or remarks section of the amendment paper.

Details of the Codes:

  • § 1.84 - Standards for drawings

  • 1.84(c) - Identification of drawings. Identifying indicia should be provided, and if provided, should include the title of the invention, inventor’s name, and application number, or docket number (if any) if an application number has not been assigned to the application. If this information is provided, it must be placed on the front of each sheet within the top margin. Each drawing sheet submitted after the filing date of an application must be identified as either “Replacement Sheet” or “New Sheet” pursuant to § 1.121(d) . If a marked-up copy of any amended drawing figure including annotations indicating the changes made is filed, such marked-up copy must be clearly labeled as “Annotated Sheet” pursuant to § 1.121(d)(1)

  • 1.121(d)(1) - (1) A marked-up copy of any amended drawing figure, including annotations indicating the changes made, may be included. The marked-up copy must be clearly labeled as “Annotated Sheet” and must be presented in the amendment or remarks section that explains the change to the drawings.

  • 1.1026 - Reproductions shall comply with the requirements of Rule 9 and Part Four of the Administrative Instructions.

  • Rule 9 - The international application shall not contain: (i) expressions or drawings contrary to morality;(ii) expressions or drawings contrary to public order;(iii) statements disparaging the products or processes of any particular person other than the applicant, or the merits or validity of applications or patents of any such person (mere comparisons with the prior art shall not be considered disparaging, per se);(iv) any statement or other matter obviously irrelevant or unnecessary under the circumstances.

E.g. US9,924,539


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