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Desillus Office

About Us

Desillus Solutions Inc. is an Industrial Design for Intellectual Property (IP) Company. It is a Guelph, Canada-based firm, founded by Dipika Shaw in the year 2017. Desillus Solutions Inc. works with Inventors, Patent Agents, Patent Attorneys, and Law Firms. Desillus Solutions Inc. welcomes people with innovative ideas to pen down their thoughts & ideas into drawing format.


Desillus Solutions Inc. specializes in providing intellectual property patent drawings and industrial design patent drawings for different jurisdictions.

Desillus Solutions Inc. guides the client to file patent drawings as per the standards to avoid rejection from Patent Examiners. Even, the company works on rejected cases and provides satisfactory results to the clients. 


Desillus Solutions Inc. takes the help of rough sketches, photographs, flowcharts, complex graphs, scanned images, webpage screenshots, medical devices, biotechnology drawings, mechanical drawings, fractal drawings etc. from clients to render patent drawings. Moreover, the company provides brainstorming sessions on ideas or claims to carry out the feasible and required drawings needed for the patent.

Our Mission

The mission of Desillus Solutions Inc. is to deliver our esteemed clients with superior quality intellectual property industrial design drawings within an optimal time frame.

Our Vision

The vision of Desillus Solutions Inc. is to provide its services not only to big law firms but also to all small businesses or sole inventors who have a dream to invent and serve mankind.

Our Gaol

The goal of Desillus Solutions Inc. is to satisfy its clients by fulfilling their requirements on a timely basis.

She has working experience as a patent drawing illustrator since 2006. She has sound knowledge of patent drawing requirements. She is an expert in making flawless complex articulated drawings. She made thousands of drawings in her career. She specialises in making complex drawings like mechanical drawings, complex flowcharts, complex graphs, DNA sequencing etc. She is highly skilled in executing industrial design drawings.


She has more than 18 years of experience in AutoCAD 2D drawings.


She also has experience in patent searching and freedom to operate searches


She also worked as a design engineer for a few years in her earlier career. She has good hands-on Pro E 3D modeling software, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


She is very innovative and determined to carry out her task. She won many Best Performer awards in her career. She also got nominated for Best Innovator of the Year 2009, the award for giving innovative ideas in Microsoft Excel. She innovated the idea of making a "List of Links" which helped her and her co-workers to minimize time to look for files and folders.


She is capable of handling multi-tasks at a time with her quality for prior planning and determination to follow her rules. She is highly detailed oriented with a focus on getting solutions to any type of problem. 

Team Desillus

Company Policy

Remote employees must be available and engaged in work activities during the schedule agreed upon in their contract. 

If an employee wishes to adopt different working hours, they must properly communicate their schedule before accepting the projects.

Our Team

Desillus Solutions Inc. has an India-based team of patent drawing illustrators from various engineering backgrounds, who are experienced in patent drawing guidelines and experts in creating patent drawings using different software.


The team is trained under the sole guidance of Dipuka Shaw.

Desillus Solutions Inc. also has an India-based team of 3D modeling, who have extensive knowledge in creating 3D drawings in SolidWorks and AutoCAD.

If you want to be a part of 'Team Desillus' and have experience in patent drawings or 3D modeling, send your resume to

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