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Join the 'Team Desillus'


At Desillus Solutions Inc., we provide our clients with the utmost quality work, which meets their requirements within the Patent and Trademark Office guidelines.

If you are creative and able to convert innovative ideas into Patent Illustrations, you are most welcome to the 'Team Desillus'.

Analyze and visualize input drawings (informals) provided by clients to finalize them into line art drawings (formals) as per patent office guidelines.


You should have the following qualifications and criteria to apply for the role of a Patent Illustrator:

  • Experience - Must have more than 3 years of experience in Patent Drawing Illustrations

  • Graduation or Diploma in Mechanical Engineering - The candidate should have sound knowledge of Perspective views and Orthographic Views. Should have knowledge of mechanical components and features used in any machine.

  • AutoCAD 2D or Adobe Illustrator Efficient - The candidate should have expertise in tracing images in AutoCAD or Adobe Illustrator.

  • Drawing Skills - The candidate should have excellent drawing and sketching skills.

  • Creative and Imaginative - The candidate should have creative skills to convert rough hand sketches or photographs into eligible Patent Filing Drawings. The candidate should be able to imagine the output.

  • Communication - The candidate should have good communication skills to understand inventors’ requirements and communicate to the emails promptly.

If you think you are fulfilling the above requirements, you can fill out the below form to apply for the position of Patent Drawings Illustrator.

Patent Illustrator - Independent Contractor

If you are an experienced Patent Illustrator providing your services using AutoCAD software and interested in providing your services to us, please send a utility drawing and a design drawing in AutoCAD (.dwg) and .pdf format to

Also, fill out the application form below.

Application Form

Inputs Received from Client_Page_4_edite

Thanks for submitting!

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