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  • What are drawings
    Drawings are the way to show the invention so that patent examiner can understand what is noble and innovative in the invention. Drawings easily show what inventor wants to claim.
  • What is invention
    A creative idea which can help simplify any difficult task.
  • What is Patent
    To protect the innovative idea – the invention, patent grants its owner the rights of the invention and exclude others from making, using, or selling.
  • How Patent Protect
    The inventor needs to file a patent application in his own country to protect his invention. If he wants to protect his invention in other country, he needs to file a separate patent application in that country.
  • What can be Patented
    •Anything which is Novel – a new idea – must be first its kind in that jurisdiction. •Must have utility – it should work. •Must be inventiveness – must be a new development or an improvement of an existing technology that would not have been obvious to someone working in your area of specialty. To be granted a patent, your invention can be: •a product (a door lock) •a composition (a chemical composition used in lubricants for door locks) •a machine (a machine for making door locks) •a process (a method for making door locks) •an improvement on any of these.
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