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“Desillus provides design and illustration service for intellectual property patent drawings with high quality in an optimal time frame”



Patent Drawings depicts the novel idea of the inventor in the form of line arts which are rendered as per the guidelines of the PTO.

Services Offered

  • Utility Patent Drawings

    Drawings in Utility Patent helps to understand the utility of the patent. A properly rendered drawing only exhibit all the necessary details of the claimed parts of the invention.

    Desillus Solutions not only provides utility drawings with the best quality but provides drawings as per the standard of PTO to avoid rejection.

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    Design Patent Drawings

    Unique designs are required in the Design Patent with all its views to get the idea of the shape and design of the product. 


    Desillus Solutions provides design drawings with all the standard required views keeping consistency among them. Proper shading techniques are used to give a better appearance to the features of the product.

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    3D Modeling

    3D modeling is an essential part of manufacturing. It requires immense knowledge of calculation and precision. 


    Desillus Solutions provides 3D drawings for prototype manufacturing.

Feedback from our esteemed clients

I have worked with Dipika Shaw as her Manager at CPA Global, and team member for 10 years. She has performed with the utmost professionalism and skill and has an excellent understanding what it takes to create Patent Illustrations in a fast-paced environment, with excellent visualization skills which are key to any Utility or Design drawings. Always aware of the client's needs and concerns with great focus on instructions from each client.”



William Murry

 President of Patent Illustrations Unlimited - America

North Carolina - US

“Dipika does our patent illustration work. Her work is prompt, professional and delivered on a timely basis at a reasonable cost.”

Anil Bhole 

Managing Partner | Lawyer, Patent Agent & Trademark Agent

 Bhole IP Law, Canada

“Dipika has been provided both utility and design patent drawings for us. Her work is excellent and always delivered on time. I would highly recommend Dipika as a reliable patent illustrator producing high-quality work.”

Yasin Bismilla

Patent Agent

 Elan IP, Canada

“Dipika is highly intelligent and has good analytical skills. At work, Dipika has always demonstrated great perseverance and initiative. She always does well, beyond the requirements in the quality of her work, putting in a lot of extra research. I have always admired her for her positive attitude, great people management, and public relation skills. I strongly recommend Dipika, and wish her all success in her endeavors.” - LinkedIn recommendation

Deepak Mehta

Patent Consultant and Head, Patent Illustration Team

CPA Global, India

Desillus Solutions Inc.

Guelph, ON, Canada

info@desillus.com | +1 647-403-7719

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