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“Desillus provides design and illustration service for intellectual property patent drawings with high quality in an optimal time frame”



Patent Drawings depicts the novel idea of the inventor in the form of line arts which are rendered as per the guidelines of the PTO.


Desillus Solutions Inc. is an Industrial Design for Intellectual Property (IP) Company. It is a Guelph, Canada based firm, founded by Dipika Shaw in the year 2017. Desillus Solutions Inc. works with Inventors, Patent Agents, Patent Attorneys, and Law Firms. Desillus Solutions Inc. welcomes people with innovative ideas to pen down their thoughts & ideas into drawing format.

What We Do


Utility Patent Drawings

Drawings in Utility Patent helps to understand the utility of the patent. A properly rendered drawing only exhibit all the necessary details of the claimed parts of the invention.

Desillus Solutions Inc. not only provides utility drawings with the best quality but provides drawings as per the standard of PTO to avoid rejection.


Design Patent Drawings

Unique designs are required in the Design Patent with all its views to get the idea of the shape and design of the product. 


Desillus Solutions Inc. provides design drawings with all the standard required views keeping consistency among them. Proper shading techniques are used to give a better appearance to the features of the product.

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3D Modelling

In the pursuit of meeting clients requirements - especially Inventors, Patent Agents, Patent Attorneys and Law Firms - Desillus Solutions Inc is initiating a one-stop solution for Industrial Design and Drawings. In addition to providing Patent Illustration Drawings (Both Utility Patent and Design Patent Drawings), this one-stop solution consists of offering our clients 3D Modelling, 2D Design Drawings, 3D Printing, and functional product prototyping services. For this Desillus Solutions Inc is joining hands with Klassik Designs & Solutions.

Published Patent Drawings

Design Drawings

Utility Drawings

Utility Drawings