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“Desillus Solutions provides design and illustration service for intellectual property patent drawings with high quality in an optimal time frame”



Patent Drawings depicts the novel idea of the inventor in the form of line arts which are rendered as per the guidelines of the PTO.

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Intro about Desillus

Goal & Mission

The goal and mission of Desillus Solutions is to deliver our esteemed clients with superior quality drawings and designs within an optimal time frame.


Desillus Solutions is an Industrial Design for Intellectual Property (IP) Company. It is a Guelph, Canada based firm, founded by Dipika Shaw in the year 2017. Desillus Solutions works with Inventors, Patent Agents, Patent Attorneys, and Law Firms. Desillus Solutions welcomes people with innovative ideas to pen down their thoughts & ideas into drawing format.


Desillus Solutions specializes in providing intellectual property patent drawings for utility and design patents for different jurisdictions.

Desillus Solutions guides the client to file patent drawings as per the standards to avoid rejection from PTO. Even, the company works on rejected cases and provides satisfactory results to the clients. 


Desillus Solutions takes the help of rough sketches, photographs, flowcharts, complex graphs, scanned images, drawings from webpage screenshots, medical devices, biotechnology drawings, mechanical drawings, fractal drawings etc. from clients to render patent drawings. Moreover, the company provides brainstorming sessions on ideas or claims to carry out the feasible and required drawings needed for the patent.


At Desillus Solutions we believe in providing the best services to our clients and keep our clients at the comfort level with assured results by taking care of the following:


  • All drawings compliance with USPTO requirements.

  • Maintain the client’s confidentiality (Ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement).

  • Nominal and genuine pricing.

  • Superior quality drawings with consistency using AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

  • Delivery on or before the committed target date.

  • Gather all the information at the start of the project including pricing, delivery date, and clarifications if any.

  • Revisions are done free of cost if any.


Desillus Solutions would be highly obliged to get an opportunity to serve you.

Services Offered


Utility Patent Drawings

Drawings in Utility Patent helps to understand the utility of the patent. A properly rendered drawing only exhibit all the necessary details of the claimed parts of the invention.

Desillus Solutions not only provides utility drawings with the best quality but provides drawings as per the standard of PTO to avoid rejection.

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Design Patent Drawings

Unique designs are required in the Design Patent with all its views to get the idea of the shape and design of the product. 


Desillus Solutions provides design drawings with all the standard required views keeping consistency among them. Proper shading techniques are used to give a better appearance to the features of the product.

Laser Cut Steel

3D Modeling

3D modeling is an essential part of manufacturing. It requires immense knowledge of calculation and precision. 


Desillus Solutions provides 3D drawings for prototype manufacturing.

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