I also hate working!

Do you also feel the same? Do you also want to relax?

Let's hang out with friends! But it's covid. Can't go outside. So, let's talk to a friend. Hmm, maybe busy. Let's watch some movie.

Each one of us wants to relax in life. Children do not like studies, no one likes to go for a job, no one likes doing household chores. Everyone wants to relax in life. So, the question comes, how will you relax? Either you will visit a friend or will talk to a friend over the phone. Or you may go for some long drive or a small trip. In this covid situation, the best way to relax is by watching something your favourite. Isn't it!

Have you ever thought, while we are relaxing by watching something interesting or talking to a friend or touring to a beautiful place or whatever way we want, there is always someone working for us. The technology we are using, the services we are getting, everything around us. Think about what will happen if everyone started relaxing. How long will you be able to talk to a friend if internet service providers started relaxing, which is the most important service nowadays!

We all are connected with each other with our jobs only. Whatever we are doing, it is not self-help or self-support, it is actually the service to the society we are offering and on behalf of that, we are getting services from them. Knowingly or unknowingly the job you are doing is the actual help you are giving to others.

It doesn't mean that one has to work every time. Life is a slow continuous process. One should relax while doing their work. One should take a break to get the energy back so that one can enjoy while working.

So, let's work or better to say let's love the work and enjoy the work you are doing.

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