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Online Patent Drawing Training


         Desillus Solutions Inc. is providing a paid Online Patent Drawing Training Program. The training will focus on 37 CFR § 1.84 – Standards for drawings (USPTO - the United States Patent and Trademark Office), Regulations under the PCT - Rule 11 (WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organization) and Industrial Design Office Practice Manual (CIPO - Canadian Intellectual Property Office). 

        The training will also focus on creating some standard drawings in AutoCAD. 

Click on below tabs to learn more about the Training Schedule and the registration process.   

Brain Storming on Paper
  • Dipika Shaw
  • Dipika Shaw

Presented by Dipika Shaw,
Director at Desillus Solutions Inc.

Having a Mechanical Engineering background and more than 19 years of experience in Patent Drawing Illustrations, she started her career as a freelancer in 2017 after coming to Canada. 

She founded the company Desillus Solutions in 2017 and incorporated it as Desillus Solutions Inc. in Jan 2021. Now the company is providing patent drawing services to more than 30 clients.

To learn the techniques of creating patent drawings and overcome rejections from patent and trademark offices, she has started a small training program. 

Dipika Shaw - Director

Feedback From Trainees

The four modules of the Desillus Solutions Patent Drawing Training program were very informative. They included a comprehensive description of the USPTO and PCT requirements for formal drawings in utility and design patent applications. Dipika is an expert in the area and addressed my inquires professionally. The given tasks at the end of each module were an excellent opportunity to practice preparing formal drawings for patent applications, and I truly enjoyed it. I definitely recommend this training program to anyone interested in patent drawings.


Bashar Yafouz

Biomedical Engineer, P.Eng. 

Waterloo, ON


I really enjoyed learning about patent drawing by deepika mam, great presentations, immense knowledge on the subject, friendly nature and punctual. I will be happy to learn more from her in future as well.


Sai Jayaram G

Mechanical Designer

Chandco Manufacturing Inc, London

“First of all, thanks to Dipika Shaw, Founder & Owner of Desillus Solutions Inc. for arranging a training program for patent drawings. Module 1 was such a helpful for beginners as it helps to understand the basics of patent drawings. I am learning day by day with help of module 1 material. Dipika has created and arranged the study material very well.”


Kunj B Panchal

MEng., CAD Technician

Pentalift Equipment Co.

I was introduced into the world of Patent Drawing thanks to Dipika Shaw . Desillus Solutions Inc. Offers training for anyone who would like to dwelve into Patent drawing and the guidelines behind it. I fully recommend it.


Irene Leah Duldulao


Kitchener, Ontario

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